Because it’s important
to know they’re safe

Portable safety station with realtime reporting

early bird

Notify the absense of your child early and easy through our parent app.

ease talk

Get in touch with a responsible easy and quickly through the app’s built in chat.

power graph

Clear overviews and individual details about absences.

rabbit info

Receive fast instant updates of your child arrival and departure.

ease zone

Registrates every child’s arrival and departure in the classroom.

instant view

Realtime administration updates and registration info.

Imagine a classroom without the ease box

Meet the portable ease box. It’s slim and sleek with a big, clear led indicator on top. It’s light, weather resistant, wireless. has built-in Wifi and operates on batteries. And more, it tracks your child’s arrival. That’s the most beautiful part.

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Children just love our wristbands

Our water resistant wristbands come in a range of flavours. Personalised for your child, they track your child’s arrival and departure from the ease zone. And what’s more, no need to replace batteries. Isn’t that nice.

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Parents can’t miss our ease app

Our ease app has all the functionality you need, packed in one clear screen. Get notified, send messages and track the whereabouts of your loved ones. And you can even leave a simple message in case your child stays home.

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